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  1. 1966G

    Nonabsorbable PC-3 Precision Cosmetic Conventional Cutting Prime 3/8 Circle 16mm Monofilament Pliabilized Black 18in Size 6-0 Ethilon 12/box

  2. 2800G

    Ethilon Double Armed Non Absorbable Monofilament 9-0 Bv130-5 10in Black 12/box

  3. 2808G

    Nonabsorbable 5in Size 8-0 BV130-5 Needle 6.5mm Black Nylon Monofilament 3/8 Circle Taper Point Multipass Sterile Implantable Ethilon 12/box

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Items 41 to 50 of 140 total

Covidien Suture Products

Velosorb, Caprosyn, Polysorb, Biosyn, Maxon, Dermalon, Monosof, Surgilon, Surgidac,Ti-Cron, Surgipro and Surgipro II, Novafil, Vascufil, Sofsilk, Steel Sutures, V-Loc WoundClosure Device

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Ethicon Suture Products

Vicryl, PDS and PDS II, Monocryl, Prolene, Ethilon, Pronova, Ethibond, Merilene,Nurolon, Perma-Hand, Steel Sutures, STRATAFIX Knotless Tissue Control Devices.

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