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President’s Statement

SutureCenter is on a mission to bring low pricing, transparency, and education to the purchase of Ethicon and Covidien sutures by surgeons in non-hospital settings. Provista/Novation, a leading group purchasing organization, and Suture Express, a prominent distributor, have joined with us to achieve SutureCenter’s aims.

In my many years working in the medical device industry, I long ago realized that traditional distribution models often poorly serve surgeons. Surgeons have little information about pricing, market dynamics, product development, and even productive practices in the use of the surgical technologies at hand.

SutureCenter aims to turn the underserving distribution model on its head, at least as it pertains to sutures.

SutureCenter clients will find:

  • Low suture pricing not typically available to the ambulatory and office-based surgery sector
  • Transparency, both pre-order and invoice, as to the monies paid to Suture Express for suture orders and the associated (and modest) fee to SutureCenter
  • Education ensuring surgeons have comprehensive knowledge of the various suture technologies, best practices, and the procurement process

We welcome you to become part of our community as we endeavor to make an important difference in healthcare.


David A. Marsh